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TDX data sharing and analytics

Founded in 2010, nquiringminds is a British company specialising in data sharing and data analytics. Our team are experts in cyber security and artificial intelligence and our deployments are based on our core technology platform the: Trusted Data Exchange (TDX).
TDX is a next generation database, designed from the ground up to fully integrate security with AI powered high performance analytics. The TDX is designed for real world deployments where data ownership is complex, spread across different organisations; it is design for impact where workflow and control system integration complement the usual dashboard analytics.


The TDX has been built from the ground up on Zero Trust principles. Based on state-of-the-art PKI framework, security is assured through the entire stack.



A fully distributed platform, the TDX, is not only highly scalable and resilient; it is designed for the real world, where you must integrate across complex, distributed organisational boundaries.

Deployable AI

Real world AI deployment: the TDX platform ingests, analyses and most importantly integrates with pre-existing systems with ease. Everying form large scale enterprise, to real time IOT through to dynamic workflow systems.


The platform comes with an integrated application layer. This facilitates the development and deployment of secure  vertical applications quick and easily.

TDX audit

Using data to improve financial audit

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TDX care

Using data to improve health and social care

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TDX i4.0

Using data to improve industrial processes

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TDX economic analyser

Using data to impove the local economy

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TDX smart cities

Analytics platform optimised for AI and security

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TDX cyber

IoT security and data analytics from edge to cloud

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TDX agritech

Using data to increase yields

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TDX business rates

Using data to maximise business rates collection

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