Trusted Analytics Platform
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The nquiringminds TDX product family provides you with tools to secure, share, and analyse your data

Trusted Data Exchange

Trusted Data

Fully Distributed Security

Our TDX products are based on a robust PKI backed security model, which is designed to handle the real world complexity of data ownership and privacy, where no single organisation holds all the data.
Trusted Analytics
AI Deployed at Scale

A real world AI platform, optimised for deployment and integration with existing systems, not just creating fancy dashboards. A battle hardened system, which can be easily integrated with workflow systems, legacy databases or industrial control systems.

In the Cloud
Cloud Based Data Sharing and Analytics
TDX-Cloud is a data sharing and analytics platform. TDX-Cloud addresses the practical AI deployment challenges of security, interoperability and operational workflow integration.
On the Edge
Secure Edge Analytics Platform

TDX-Edge is a secure IOT Hub platform. Built using the same technology as TDX-Cloud, it provides a secure AI framework for edge based processing.


Care Analytics

Strategically plan and manage social care to deliver optimal value to service users and realise cost efficiencies. 

Live Property Red List

The Live Property Red List is a strategic tool for maximising the impact of property inspections. It features AI powered prioritisation, fraud detection, and mobile workflow.

Economic Analyser

The Economic Analyser application helps local authorities to improve decision making for re-generating and improving the local economy.

AI Enhanced GIS

Leveraging the latest in web technologies, AI enhanced GIS allows data inferred from machine learning and AI analytics to be investigated in an intuitive GIS system.

GP Tools

AI enhanced rostering for strategic optimisation of work force at the GP, PCN, and CCG level. Plan future work force intelligently based on demographic trends, and recruitment practices.

Core Platform Licensing
General Purpose Cloud and Edge Platforms

Our cloud based platform can be licensed as a fully hosted cloud service or as software for installation on your own premises. Similarly our edge software is licensed as installable software or pre-configured on our hardware. Using our documentation, APIs and examples you and your partners can develop your own customised solutions, with full support provided.

Vertical Solutions
Full Stack Vertical Solutions for Different Industries
We and our partners have developed a rich suite of sector specific solutions. These are licensed as plugin modules for our core TDX platform. These solutions have been fully tested in market and come with comprehensive business models to help you de-risk your deployments.
Professional Services
Bespoke Consultancy for AI, IOT and Cyber
Do you have a unique set of problems? Using our platform and our in house experts in analytics, cyber-security and IOT we can deliver high quality solutions, quickly and efficiently. We can also help with physical device development: sensors and hubs. Talk to us for a unique turnkey solution.


GCloud Supplier
Cyber Essentials Certified
IOTSF Founding Member