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TDX data sharing and analytics

Founded in 2010, nquiringminds is a British company specialising in data sharing and data analytics. Our team are experts in cyber security and artificial intelligence and our deployments are based on our core technology platform the Trusted Data Exchange (TDX).

TDX is a next generation database, designed from the ground up to fully integrate security with AI powered high performance analytics. The TDX is designed for real world deployments where data ownership is complex, spread across different organisations; it is designed for impact where workflow and control system integration complement the dashboard analytics.


Computing breakthrough and cognitive router technology promises secure networking by design

NquiringMinds, TechWorks and the University of Oxford collaborate to launch The Secure Networking by Design (SNbD) project for the development of advanced, open source, network protections for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and router vendors. Leaders in the UK deep tech arena: NquiringMinds,...

NquiringMinds awarded Company of the Year 2021

nquiringminds is awarded “Company of the Year 2021” by TECHWORKS – the UK Deep Tech industry body. Well done to all at NquiringMinds for their outstanding contribution to the deep tech industry.

China – Precision Crop Disease Management in Potato blight

Our work in AgriTech using the TDX with our partners spanning the UK and China is nearing its completion (March 2022) and we are achieving real improvements in the management of potato blight in rural China though data analysis. The working title of the project is ‘CropDoc’ and this research has...

High technology R&D firm NquiringMinds applies its TrustedDataXchange (TDX) to levelling up cities

nquiringminds, a technology company at the Southampton University Science Park has developed an Economic Analyser application for Cities.  It is a smart data analytics application to help city planners level up areas of poverty.  By ingesting a myriad of city data, it can analyse, benchmark and...
Ultramat schedule

UltraMAT Launch

nquiringminds, along with its prestigious partners, are revealing the results of several years work in Power Ultrasound as a generic tool for nanoscale processing of metals. An open day will be held at Murray Edwards College Cambridge on 30th January 2020. For more information visit...
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