Trusted Data Exchange

nquiringminds Trusted Data Exchange (TDX) offers analytics, secure sharing and flexible visualisation for live, historical and IOT data


nquiringminds InterLiNQ technology is a secure IOT middleware with edge processing capability that can connect over a multitude of communications protocols


nquiringminds GrainCare technology applies modern, low cost sensing and
advanced analytics to agricultural processes helping to reduce post-harvest spoilage


Integrated data sharing tool allowing health data and care needs to be combined with sensors in the home.

Founded in 2010, nquiringminds is a British company specialising in Smart Cities, data analytics and Internet of Things.  Our solutions focus around digital transformation, using our expertise in the IoT and data analytics spaces to unlock efficiency and cost savings in existing and new processes. We have two core technology products: The Trusted Data Exchange (TDX), a next generation data platform; and InterliNQ, a secure IoT hub with edge processing capabilities.