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smart cities centered
Our smart city solutions are based on two core products. Our TDX platform handles data in the cloud; and our secure data hub technology handles sensors and devices. Together they provide the foundations of a smart city and address the two ends of the smart city problem. How to securely and flexibly integrate with sensors and IoT devices, and secondly how to provide management tools to combine, analyse and contextualise data.

The main goal of a smart city is to optimise city functions and promote economic growth while also improving the quality of life for citizens by using smart technologies and data analysis. The value lies in how this technology is used rather than simply how much technology is available.



one of Five prize winners announced in programme to connect IoT start-ups with problem owners across South of England
Cabinet Office Open Data Champion Award

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audit centered
Data analytics enable businesses to identify new opportunities, to harness costs savings and to enable faster more effective decision making.
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants


UK – SBRI – Selected by UK Gov to develop data sharing platforms for local government and the Northern Ireland Audit Office.

There is huge potential to improve the efficiency of many financial and audit processes; data-enabled techniques can lead to more in-depth analysis and investigation and provide stronger assurances in finance.

As a company with a track record of delivering innovative AI solutions, nquiringminds is well placed to fulfil this demand, and our secure data sharing platform is ideal for bringing together data from multiple agencies whilst preserving privacy and handling complex permission levels. We apply state of the art analysis to a wide range of financial information to provide insights that help improve the audit process.

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care centered
Health and social care providers are under huge pressure to deliver more and more with limited funding. An increasingly ageing population, the coronavirus pandemic and complex data sharing arrangements are just some of the drivers of a need to create advanced tools to improve efficiency, capacity and response times.

Our secure data sharing platform is ideal for bringing together data from multiple agencies whilst preserving privacy and handling complex permission levels. We apply state of the art analysis to information already held by local authorities and health bodies to provide insights that help better manage resources and plan for the future.


The Ageing Society Grand Challenge aims to put the UK at the forefront of the world in technologies, products and services to help support healthy ageing. One company helping to achieve this is nquiringminds, a British company that specialises in the field of artificial intelligence and the ‘Internet of Things’.

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

January 24, 2019

Selected by UK Govtech to develop a data sharing and analytics tool to deliver improvements in social care for Torfaen County Borough Council
AgeTech Accelerator for technological and social innovations for all stakeholders involved in the Silver Econony.
Awarded a place of the Nesta Healthier Lives Data Fund. With the support of the Healthier Lives Data Fund, CareTeam will be trialled in a new area of Personal Assistants.
Industrial StrategyFeatured as a success story for the ISCF Healthy ageing program


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nusiness rate centered

Business rates provide more than half of Belfast City Council’s annual revenue which is used to fund services, from bin collections to leisure facilities. The timely and accurate collection of rates income, as well as the maintenance of an up-to-date register of businesses in the city, can be challenging.

Belfast City Council


NquiringMinds is one of only two SMEs to feature as a case study in the UK Governments £4.6 billion Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund Whitepaper, for our innovative work with rates collection for Belfast City Council.
Selected by UK Gov to develop data sharing platform for local government.
Business rates are a valuable source of revenue for many local authorities, and form the foundation for many public services. The ability to ensure that business rates are maximised and that rating collection systems are as timely and complete as possible is critical in generating income.

Our Business Rates Analytics helps local authorities to strategically manage and plan the collection of business rates. Sophisticated AI and statistical techniques are applied across the business rates datasets to identify anomalies, for example, properties that are likely to be misclassified for business rates. These can then be prioritised for further investigation leading to an increase in the accuracy of information held and a reduction in uncollected rates. The system provides tools for workflow management, inspection prioritisation, and mobile workflow.

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local economics centered
High Streets have been in decline for several years and the COVID-19 pandemic has shocked local economies further, the full effects are yet to be felt. Sectors most reliant on face-to-face interactions – hospitality, transport, and entertainment have experienced worse impacts than those able to continue operating with social distancing rules, such as financial services and agriculture. As such, every local economy is different, and councils will need to plan their local recoveries that best suit their places and communities.  TDX economic analyser applies a well developed portfolio of AI and data modelling techniques to a range of data sets to provide tools and actionable insights to economic planners. It combines historical and current business rates data with other data sets such as companies house, planning application and mapping information to better understand the impact of interventions and plan diverse, robust and vibrant local economies.

Given the unprecedented economic impact of the pandemic and uncertainty about the future direction of the economy we cannot afford to be complacent. As with previous economic shocks, councils have benefited from considering different scenarios and best practice that can help their places to recover and thrive

Chanceller David Renard

Leader of Swindon Borough Council, March 2021


Industrial StrategyFinalist in the Mayor of London’s Resilience Fund

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Belfast City Council
i4.0 centered

In Industrial IoT technology, sensors are attached to physical assets, those sensors gather data, store it wirelessly, and use analytics and machine learning to take some kind of action.

Robert Schmid

Deloitte Digital IoT chief technologist

Our multi award winning platform has been applied to many industrial applications, including ultrasonic monitoring of industrial cranes, control systems for anaerobic digesters, control systems for agricultural grain driers, control systems for welding systems and industrial additive manufacturing monitoring and control. Our emphasis on security, connectivity and analytics makes ideal for many industrial problems.

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agritech centered

China – Precision Crop Disease Management in Potato blight

Our work in AgriTech using the TDX with our partners spanning the UK and China is nearing its completion (March 2022) and we are achieving real improvements in the management of potato blight in rural China though data analysis. The working title of the project is...

TDX cranescan

TDX cranescan accidents are occurring with increasing frequency in ports and the construction industry  around the world. Failure of a structural or mechanical component of a crane can usually be  associated with materials, as well as fabrication related problems or...

UK – Operating an IOT network in extreme conditions to dry grain

nquiringminds have developed a suite of agritech sensors that are capable of gathering key agricultural harvest data metrics and deploying state of the art machine learning to drive efficiency, energy and environmental gains. In agriculture our sensor technology works...

EICBI: India Technology Summit 14th of November 2017

nquiringminds attended the India Technology Summit hosted by the Europe India Centre for Business & Industries (EICBI) at the Houses of Parliament in London. Around 120 delegates from top UK and Indian technology companies attended the summit with keynote speeches...

India – Moisture Sensing in Grain Silos and in the Field to improve yields

The Graincare sensor suite scales-up a cloud connected grain monitoring and quality management decision support system for small scale producers. A prototype of the Graincare system was successfully trialed in India with a farmers cooperative and the IIFPT (Indian...
The proliferation of digital technology and data analytics in agriculture is contributing to the lives of farmers and agricultural service providers in developing country economies.

Ministry of Food Processing Industries

Data analytics and IoT devices are some of the tools being used to reduce spoilage and increase yields in agriculture. Processes that rely on periodic human inspection, over reliance on chemicals and timely interventions fail frequently because of resource restraints, lack of expertise and the speed at which crops can be spoilt. By combining data sets and real time on the ground measurements from IoT devices we can optimise processes and reduce spoilage.


UK Prime Minister (Theresa May) selected NquiringMinds to represent best of UK Innovation on her first ever trade mission.

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