Nquiringminds is at the exclusive Manchester Innovate Bridge AI Annual Showcase showcasing TAIBOM.  While Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds enormous potential for businesses, enhancing productivity and competitiveness, navigating its adoption can be challenging.  The Innovate UK Bridge AI programme is dedicated to driving the responsible adoption of AI in the UK.

TAIBOM is providing the tools to securely label and version the components of an AI system. And additionally to describe the relationship and dependencies between these components; for AI systems the relationship between training data and deployed systems is particularly complex.

Nick Allott, CEO Nquiringminds says about TAIBOM:

“Here we are seeing many examples of how AI will innovate and disrupt many sectors in the UK and worldwide. Take the example of voice and video avatars, where an actor’s headshot or speech sample is to create a synthetic avatar, that looks and sounds like the real thing. Truly amazing technology, but how do we navigate the knotty issues of consent and licensing?

  • How do we know the actor gave his consent to this capture?
  • What are the legitimate commercial licensing terms under which the avatar can be used?

TAIBOM does not solve these issues, but it does provide a reliable traceable method, to both describe (assert) these relationships and the companion methods to query (attest) the status of these relationships at the point of use.  This is extremely important.  Trustworthy AI, is not just narrow security problem, it is integral to building AI business models that work.”

TAIBOM is funded by the UKRI Technology Missions Fund and was recently announced by Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology, Michelle Donelan.  This work is an active collaboration led by Nquiringminds with as Copper Horse, Techworks, BAE and BSI.

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