NquiringMinds is developing new secure AI technology to solve the issue of trust and continuous assurance in complex AI systems. TAIBOM is funded by UKRI Technology Missions Fund, and was recently announced by Secretary of State (SoS) for Science, Innovation and Technology, Michelle Donelan,. This program is designed to accelerate the UK’s adoption of trustworthy and responsible AI and machine learning [1] .
NquiringMinds are exploring the potential of new forms of Bills of Materials (BoMs) and their utility in the development of trustworthy systems. Software Bill of Materials (SBoMs) have gained prominence in recent times – boosted by the US Executive Order 14028 from May 12, 2021 and their significance in relation to improving cybersecurity’[2]

Nick Allott, CEO Nquiringminds: “This is frontier technology. Trust and transparency for Generative AI is the issue for both governments and private companies. There is a race to find protective mechanisms to reduce the risk of data corruption, privacy and security. Governments need a way to understand, regulate and enforce protections in machine learning models, while business need to run with the opportunity that sharing data brings in a trusted, safe manner. The key is developing trust in these black box tools and to leverage them safely. This is what TAIBOM is all about.”
This work is an active collaboration of major industry players such as Copper Horse, Techworks, BAE an BSI. An industry wide AI Innovation Cross Working Group, was recently announced by Technworks which will broadened the collaboration base [2]

Further Information

[1] https://www.ukri.org/news/19-million-to-accelerate-trustworthy-and-responsible-ai/
[2] https://www.techworks.org.uk/ai


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