A brand new AI initiative is being launched at Bletchley Park by Techworks AI on 16th April 2024.

Station X – known now as Bletchley Park – was the hub of Britain’s code-cracking effort, where hugely talented mathematicians and inventors worked tirelessly to give the armed forces a crucial helping-hand. This is the auspicious setting for the formation of a brand new initiative which unites the TechWorks communities to address the complexity of AI.

AI experts, professionals and stakeholders from academia and industry will come together to hear guest speakers Indro Mukerjee, the CEO of Innovate UK, along with others such as Nigel Toon, Founder of Graphcore.AI, Esra Kasapoglu of Innovate and Professor Sarvapali (Gopal) Ramchurn of Responsible AI in the UK.

After a morning of guest speaker presentations, Nick Allott, CEO Nquiringminds will lift off the initiative with his talk on TAIBOM the Trusted AI Bill of Material.  The afternoon will consolidate the TechWorks Programme and include talks from Dr William Jones Lead for AI and Machine Learning at Embecosm, Saket Mohan of Secure Elements, Gunny Dhadyalla AESIN Director.

The afternoon will conclude with a keynote on Engineering ethics by design – the safety imperative by Dr. Paula Palade, JLR.

Trustworthy and responsible AI cover many areas of AI themes: validity and reliability, safety, security and resilience, accountability and transparency, privacy and fairness.  

There is a clear global ambition to increase the trustworthiness of AI systems.  Nick Allott, who will be first up in the afternoon will be talking about AI assurance and the TechWorks programme.  He will explore the project TAIBOM (Trusted AI Bill of Materials) and its ambition to produce two essential deliveries. 

  • TAIBOM standard: a formal industry standard for making trustworthy assertions over  AI building blocks and complete, stable AI systems.  
  • TAIBOM software suite: a suite of commercial tools for making and publishing  compliant AI building blocks on a fully distributed basis. 

“TAIBOM is very important to the AI movement.  If TAIBOM is successful in its ambitions, it will enable the AI ecosystem to buy and sell with confidence and provide a potential  route for building trustworthy AI marketplaces.  “  Nick Allott, CEO, Nquiringminds 

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