OCDP: IoT Platform

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Data Analytics and Visualisation

nquiringminds have been recognised as offering best practice for big data problems

Helping Cities Run Smarter

Securing IoT Devices

We are working in collaboration with Oxford University to deliver lightweight security for IoT applications

Bespoke Hardware Design for Smart Solutions

Secure, Smart Data Management

We build products, from software to hardware, that make cities better at capturing, securing and using data —We have a secure platform and sensor technologies that enable broad reaching optimisation of workflows.





Server Side Middleware and Device side Middleware for integrating, managing, and securing data of any kind, from any source, at scale.


User interfaces to allow you to simply interact with data, ask better questions, and make better decisions.


Proven technology incorporating state of the art security to allow you to manage assets, data and devices and to present the data using “drag and drop” visualisations and real time dashboards.

IoT in Agriculture

NquiringMinds have been working with local farmers to apply IoT sensor technology to the grain harvesting process. The task is a complex challenge as there are several variables to account for which affect the process. The agricultural environment is just one of the...

Leveraging Waste Disposal Data with Custom Logic

NquiringMinds have been working alongside SEAB Energy to develop a simplified process for developing custom logic for processing data collected from SEAB’s Muckbuster anaerobic digesters. Muckbuster units convert waste materials into biogas which can be used for...