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Data Analytics and Visualisation

nquiringminds have been recognised as offering best practice for big data problems

Helping Cities Run Smarter

Securing IoT Devices

We are working in collaboration with Oxford University to deliver lightweight security for IoT applications

Bespoke Hardware Design for Smart Solutions

Secure, Smart Data Management

We build products, from software to hardware, that make cities better at capturing, securing and using data —We have a secure platform and sensor technologies that enable broad reaching optimisation of workflows.





Server Side Middleware and Device side Middleware for integrating, managing, and securing data of any kind, from any source, at scale.


User interfaces to allow you to simply interact with data, ask better questions, and make better decisions.


Proven technology incorporating state of the art security to allow you to manage assets, data and devices and to present the data using “drag and drop” visualisations and real time dashboards.

New tech business NquiringMinds exhibits at House of Commons event for SETsquared

Tech start-up NquiringMinds was proud to be among the exhibitors at a high-profile House of Commons reception for the world’s number one university business incubator, SETsquared.   NquiringMinds, based at SETsquared’s centre in Southampton, was part of the special event at which SETsquared announced that its member companies raised over £90m of investment in 2015.   NquiringMinds has raised over £3m in its first few years as it builds its SmartCity solutions. At the heart of its innovation the Trusted Data Exchange (TDX) helps a city pull data securely from sensors and databases. This data is turned into actionable, high value information using advanced visualization and machine learning technology. The Secure Internet of Things platform, NquiringMinds has developed, means sensors can be quickly, cost effectively and securely deployed across a city.   The platform has been successfully applied to many real world problems (http://nquiringminds.com/case-studies/ ) from GP Pressure, Waste collection, Fleet management, Energy monitoring, to Telecare.  Past successes include being elected as the Data Integration Platform for the UK’s Future Cities Program, an Open Data Champion Award from the Cabinet Office, a Parliamentary Nomination for Innovation in Productivity from Innovate UK and being identified by Cisco as a Top 15 IOT company in its Pioneers Program.   Nick Allott CEO of NquiringMinds said: “A SmartCity needs secure, real-time connected data. Our platform represents a five year investment in advanced security and analytics technology. We are now starting to see the benefit of applying this to the very real and very hard problems facing Industry, Local and Central Government.”   Alan Scrase, SETsquared’s Manager in Southampton, said: “We were delighted...

Press Release: Internet of Things (IOT) technology company, NquiringMinds shortlisted for UK Small Business Innovation Award at the House of Commons

nquiringminds is an innovative, Southampton based tech company. They have been shortlisted in the inaugural Innovate UK Small Business Innovation Awards for its Open City Data IOT Platform (OCDP). The awards, run by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, recognise Britain’s most exciting, cutting-edge, growing companies. NQM has been developing software and hardware to help realise the vision of Smart Secure Interconnected cities. Dr Ruth McKernan, chief executive of Innovate UK said: “British companies, such as nquiringminds, are preparing for the future with their ground breaking innovations. They are building new industries, creating new jobs, and driving productivity. These awards celebrate the best of British innovation and I congratulate all the fantastic nominees.” NquiringMinds has been nominated in the category of Innovation leading to Productivity Improvement. A Smart City is a Productive City, and NquiringMinds have had two recent successes in this area, based on their OCDP platform.  They are working with Southampton City Council, Liverpool City Council and Cambridge County Council. The GP Pressure Map developed for Wessex Academic Health Science Network brings together five diverse open data sets with innovative analytics and visualization to help identify which areas of Hampshire are going to undergo the greatest strain on GP service provision. By providing deep strategic insight into infrastructure supply and demand, government can invest its resources more productively. Bronwen Vearncombe Associate Director, for Wessex AHSN said, “The type of work NquringMinds is doing is helping unlock the value from data already out there; this will lead to better decision making within the health service”. At the other end of the spectrum NQM has developed complex Internet of...

IoT in Agriculture

NquiringMinds have been working with local farmers to apply IoT sensor technology to the grain harvesting process. The task is a complex challenge as there are several variables to account for which affect the process. The agricultural environment is just one of the many applications of the platform, and this case study is a good example of the flexibility of the technology in true open source solutions. The aim of the project is to lower the moisture content to just below the acceptable level. The grain is sold by weight and the closer to the upper limit, the more the grain will sell for. Above the limit and the seller has to pay a levy. By applying real time sensors and machine learning it will be possible to confidently dry the grain to just below the threshold. And sell the grain for several pounds a tonne more than would otherwise be possible. With one grain dryer processing thousands of tonnes a harvest the additional revenue can quickly add up. The sensors are cheap and the value is added by knowing how to operate an IOT network in extreme conditions of up to 100 degrees centigrade and then apply machine learning and real time responses to a dynamic system. As with everything we do the platform is hardware neutral and so can be easily integrated onto any existing...