Trusted Data Exchange

Analytics, secure sharing, flexible visualisations

Secure IOT Technology

Flexible, secure IOT middleware with edge processing capability

Cyberstone BYOD

Secure integration for employee devices with enterprise information and technology assets.

Founded in 2010, nquiringminds is a British technology company specialising in Smart Cities, Cyber Security, Data Analytics and Internet of Things. At the forefront of data security, nquiringminds has developed the Trusted Data Exchange (TDX), which combines IOT and big data streams into a single secure, shareable database. Our secure IOT middleware speeds up and provides security assurances for IOT device development. nquiringminds have innovated in enterprise security with ‘Cyberstone’, a BYOD. We specialise in IOT where there are hard problems to solve such as devices having low computer power, radios not supporting IP, the IOT hub is physically exposed and the devices frequently disconnect. Our sensor hub, InterLiNQ allows data processing and analytics to be dynamically moved between the cloud and the sensors. nquiringminds has a broad customer base including: local government, industry, health agencies, network operators and military/security services. Our solutions have won awards including: Catapult IOT Boost award, Cisco Top 15 IOT company award, Cabinet Office Open Data Champion and Parliamentary award for data innovation.

Products and Services

NQM Cityscope

Built on the NquiringMinds Trusted Data Exchange (TDX) NQM Cityscope provides intuitive demographic analysis, prediction and infrastructure capacity planning.


NquiringMind’s BYOD solution provides secure integration for employee devices with enterprise information and technology assets.

NQM Cityrates

NQM Cityrates is a management oriented analysis toolset for assessing local economic areas to provide deep insights into local business.

NQM Sense

Harnessing NquiringMinds TDX and InterliNQ technologies NQM Sense provides scalable, IOT sensor solutions.