Trusted Data Exchange

Analytics, secure sharing, flexible visualisations

Secure IOT Technology

Flexible, secure IOT middleware with edge processing capability

Founded in 2010, nquiringminds is a British company specialising in Smart Cities, data analytics and Internet of Things. We have two core technology products, the TDX Trusted Data Exchange, a next generation data platform that creates a central view of data and derives intelligence from multiple sources. The TDX is the data integration platform selected by the UK government. The second is a sensor hub called InterLiNQ. InterLiNQ securely manages and monitors IOT devices, where devices have low computer power and radios don’t support the IP. InterLiNQ works in exposed environments and where devices are frequently disconnected. The machine learning, statistical and AI technologies allow actionable intelligence from raw data stream. Our innovations are award winning and launched in several UK cities.

Products and Services

NQM Cityscope

Built on the NquiringMinds Trusted Data Exchange (TDX) NQM Cityscope provides intuitive demographic analysis, prediction and infrastructure capacity planning.


NquiringMind’s BYOD provides secure integration for employee devices with enterprise information and technology assets.

NQM Cityrates

NQM Cityrates is a management oriented analysis toolset for assessing local economic areas to provide deep insights into local business.

NQM Sense

Harnessing NquiringMinds TDX and InterliNQ technologies NQM Sense provides scalable, IOT sensor solutions.