Trusted Data Exchange

Securely sharing and analysing data

Secure IOT Technology

Flexible secure IOT Hub with Edge Processing

Smart Cities

nquiringminds realise the vision of smart, secure, interconnected cities

Industrial IOT

Secure IOT and Realtime Analytics makes Industry more productive

Secure, Smart Data Management

We build hardware and software  that make cities and large organisations better at capturing, securing and using data —We have a secure platform and sensor technologies, and an excellent track record of turning data into customer value


Trusted Data Exchange

The TDX (Trusted Data Exchange) has been designed with complex organisations in mind. It excels at importing multiple data types, Open Data, Enterpise Data and IOT Data stream. Its unique security model, helps organisation share data across complex boundaries

InterliNQ: IOT Hub

InterliNQ: is a modular Internet of Things Hub. It is highly secure, supports flexible edge processing and an Open Source SDK for adding new IOT Sensor Devices



Smart Cities

A smart, connected city needs smart, connected data. NquiringMinds product have been designed from the ground up with these requirements in mind. Our extensive list of case studies show this is practice not theory. Security: whether this be security of data or privacy centric sensor devices is at the forefront of our solutions






Industrial IOT

Next Generation manufacturing and industrial processes are will drive productivity growth. With existing implementation in Agriculture, Industrial Control and Energy Monitoring and Control Systems, we have proven technology that delivers flexible integration, secure data management and edge processing capabilities.




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