nquiringminds presents secure network by design to reduce the threat and scale of remotely initiated cyber attacks, securing the network against memory based vulnerabilities. This method focuses primarily on router security for a number of reasons:

  • End point protection: Each end point device can only ever be remotely attacked via the network gateway.
  • Router vulnerability: A vulnerability in a router has a magnification effect; a router sits across many devices.
  • Router jump off: The infected router can be used as a launch pad to impact any other device on the network.
  • Router defence: Device on an internal network are assuming router defences are in place as umbrella protection.
  • Kernel: Networking components often have high privileged, kernel level access.

Nick presents to the group early observations in designing security in at the start, focusing on gettting the router security right.

#DSbD DSbD is an initiative supported by the UK Government to transform digital technology and create a resilient, and more secure foundation.

For more information on the ManySecured project, get in touch at info@manysecured.net