nquiringminds will be working with Brunel University, London and the Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology, Thanjavur, to bring advanced sensing technology and machine learning to the Indian agricultural market.
India produces about 263.3 million tons of food grains per year. Annual post production losses are 15 million tons of food grains. Enough to feed one third of India’s poor.
nquiringminds’ GrainCare technology will apply modern low cost sensing and advanced analytics to the drying and storage process – to cut down this post-harvest spoilage. Open APIs and interfaces allow sensing and control systems to be applied to the widest range of drying equipment and drying process. Nick Allott, CEO of nquiringminds said:

This is a win-win-win solution as the sustainability opportunities of reduced energy consumption, and improved social opportunities are perfectly aligned with the economic incentives of the grain producers.

Advanced machine learning control systems optimise: crop yield, moisture levels for storage, energy use and labour time, with simple user interfaces ensure the technology can be used easily by the target market.
Director of Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology under the Ministry of Food Processing Industries said:

Spoilage within the Indian agricultural sector has major humanitarian and economic impact. Low cost Internet technologies combined with advanced analytics have the potential to solve these problems. It is only through effective collaboration, will we be able to realise the benefits of applying such technology to this sector

To further explore UK- Indian collaboration opportunities , on 7thNovemeber 2016, nquiringminds will be part of a delegation fronted by Theresa May to show off the best of British small and medium sized companies to Indian investors.
Prime Minister Theresa May said:

nquiringminds is doing really exciting work through the internet of things to transform urban environments. Harnessing the power of technology and the internet is vital for the future of British prosperity. And I am delighted I will be able to help nquiringminds seek new opportunities for its business in one of the world’s fastest growing markets.