NquiringMinds is launching the online demonstrator of its Open City Data Platform.  The Open City Data Platform (OCDP) is a management platform, from which the essential data and processes within a smart city can be controlled, using  easy to use web based technologies. The demonstrator has been released today and will be of interest to City Councils and those working with the public sector.
The OCDP is based on open source web technology developed from a partnership of over 30 companies in the multi million Euro webinos project.  NquiringMinds has taken this technology and enhanced and targeted it to address the problems the public sector faces in managing a smart city.  The technology has security and privacy built into the design and uses the latest graphical interfaces to enable smart decision making in the areas of planning, traffic, housing, leisure and emergency services.
The OCDP has the following key technology features:
* Internet of Things  integration: using open APIs and Open Source code Smart Things can easily be integrated a single management framework. Adaptors already exist for  diverse devices such as temperature sensors, gas meters, electricity meters, PIR sensors, humidity sensors, GPS location trackers, automotive (ODB2) sensors, heart rate monitors, bloods sugar monitors etc etc.  New devices can be added quickly and easily using an open source software development kit.
* Enterprise data adaptors: as well as IOT data, a Smart City needs to integrate with both traditional Enterprise database technology and state of the art super scale NOSQL technology (Hadoop, Casandra etc). OCDP again encourages the use of an open sourced library to streamline this integrations, sharing efforts between cities and lowering integration costs.
* Enterprise grade security: underpinning the mechanics of our City Dashboard is a suite of state of the art secure technologies, that ensure only the people who have the appropriate permissions can access the data
* Trusted Data Exchange: a city is complex  and the reality of its operations crosses many departments and stakeholders.  A truly Smart City needs to integrate data from all of these sources, to do so in a secure way, and make it available in a unified fashion. OCDP’s unique peer to peer security model helps manage and control this complex suite of data sources, whilst at all times ensuring each data supplier remains in absolute control of their data.
* Visual Dashboards/ Programming: a sophisticated graphical drag and drop interface is provided for rapidly creating graphical visualisations, data processing elements, culminating in full fledged applications. The OCDP system democratises data access, ensuring non programmers and programmes alike are given the tools to fully exploit the data.
* City App Engine: finally a suite of tools are provided for managing the deployment of these “Applications”, in real world  scalable environments.
The online demonstrator has already been preloaded with data from the Hampshire Hub data portal, also key data from London Data store, and National resources such as Department of Transport and National Crime Figures.
For one to one tutorials and your own online account for trial and experimentation please contact info@nquiringminds.com