Over an intense but lively two days of coding, the NquiringMinds team used the INTeACT SDK to develop AIS, the Automatic Identification System. The AIS builds upon concepts developed during a previous MoD AI Hackathon on Enabling Defence Decisions. The AIS platform leverages NquiringMinds’ state-of-the-art analytics and Trusted Data Exchange (TDX) technologies to deliver a hyper-secure tool to ingest and analyse maritime asset information and determine if the course of the asset is suspicious.

Our team took the opportunity to use the SDK with accelerated insight from the BAE development team and build it into a more integrated system on top of nquiringminds’ TDX platform. Using the TDX platform allowed the team to interact with the SDK, and import and analyse real-time data.

INTeACT SDK codeathon 2022 helped BAE collaborate with Britain’s most innovative SMEs to discover the latest technologies that could leverage the INTeACT SDK, BAE System’s next-generation Combat Management System for warships.