nquiringminds have taken part in the Defense and Security Accelerator (DASA) #HackHercules event at London Excel on 29th-30th of November. The event involved working with data from a multitude of sources to produce a solution to the complex issues surrounding data security and analyses.

Ivan Glautier Presents

Ivan Glautier delivers NquiringMinds’ pitch

The first day of the event was a frantic scramble to scope out the nuances of the task and lay the foundation for developing a prototype application. While part of the team worked on processing and analysing the data the other half produced a white paper outlining the proposed solution – due at 2300 that evening.

“The hackathon was tough, requiring our blood, sweat, and tears, but really fun and worth it all at the end! It was super interesting to try out machine learning on real world data. Can’t wait for the next hackathon” – Alois Klink (AI Engineer)

The nquiringminds’ team built a solution focussed around using the identity and sharing capabilities of the TDX (Trusted Data Exchange) with team members working late into the night to build a front-end UI to meet the demands of the challenge. The final stage of the event included a three minute pitch, and a Q&A with the competition judges in which the prototype application was demonstrated and an overview of the architecture presented to the attendees.