nquiringminds present recent work in cyber security at the 8th annual IoTSF conference. The event delivered talks by leading cyber security experts with multi-track sessions for executives, developers, engineers, managers and security professionals. Dr Nick Allott and Dr John Manslow gave talks on next-generation router security, device behaviour analysis and the ManySecured project, they were both invited to panel sessions discussing their research with the IoT community.

nquiringminds also took opportunity to exhibit the web-hosted analytics application supporting this research. Our cutting-edge router technology allows users to secure IoT devices on their network, providing tools to explore the topology and behaviour of the network.

Dr John Manslow, CTO, presented new models of destinations which network-connected devices make requests to. Such models allow for the detection and characterisation of deviations in behaviour which may indicate emerging security threats. nquiringminds’ initial work has focused on developing models that have strong false alarm rate control, do not require tuning and can be deployed without the need for an explicit training periods.

Following this successful event, we will continue to develop this state-of-the-art technology. If you would like more information on ManySecured get in touch at info@manysecured.net.