nquiringminds shortlisted in the UK’s Most Innovative Cyber SME 2022 contest run by DCMS, Infosecurity and techUK.

This is the seventh year that DCMS, Infosecurity, and techUK have teamed up for the prestigious contest, which was open to UK cybersecurity businesses. We didn’t win but had an exciting three days showcasing our exciting cybersecurity tech, speaking with other businesses, and meeting with leaders in the cybersecurity industry.

nquiringminds CEO Dr Nick Allot presented two talks on Implementing Zero Trust Using a Cognitive Security Architecture.

Establishing a device’s trustworthiness is a continual process. And in the real world, this decision is informed by many sources. This is one of the cornerstones of a Zero Trust Strategy. But security is not black and white; trust is not binary. Cognitive approaches provide us with the tools to make complex security decisions from multiple data sources when the underlying data is changing rapidly.

 Dr Nicholas Allott, CEO

NquiringMinds also showcased EdgeSec, our cutting-edge router technology that allows users to secure IoT devices on their network in domestic, commercial and industrial settings. Thank you to the many attendees that came to learn more about how on-router AI can help reduce the threat vectors of IoT devices on their networks. Learn more about TDX Cyber.