nquiringminds (NQminds) is launching two products at Mobile World Congress 2016

  • NQUIRE TDX – our Trusted Data Exchange, a data platform designed for integrating, analysing and securely sharing complex data sets
  • INTERLINQ – our Secure Internet of Things Hub (IOT) hardware device

The TDX has sophisticated analytics, statistics, machine learning and predictive algorithms for both investigation of data in real time and using information from many sources to inform smarter decision making in a City.  It has been designed from the ground up to support the complex data sharing required by sophisticated organisations such as Cities. It handles both super scale data sets and real time IOT data streams in a single platform.

Dr Nick Allott, Founder and CEO of NQminds said “Our vision is to make the internet of things work well and to make Connected Cities a reality. We build sensors and deploy our platform to capture, secure, and analyse all sorts of data, in real time, to make cities run smarter”.Also at MWC 2016 we launch our secure IOT Hub – INTERLINQ. We recognised early on a City cannot launch IOT services, unless the data is secure and the services are interoperable. INTERLINQ has been designed to address these challenges. The platform is based on webinos: an Open Source Technology, which in an independent review of 22 IOT middleware platforms as deemed the most secure.

The platform is already deployed with Hampshire County Council, Southampton City, and will shortly be launched with Cambridge and Liverpool Cities.  The technology is adaptable, we have case studies in transport, waste management, heating and refurbishment of housing stock, agriculture and health service management.  Professor AbuBakr S Bahaj, Chief Scientific Officer for Southampton City Council said: “nquiringminds’ sensor suite and data analytics platform has been key in allowing us to calculate the productivity gains that may be possible by carefully planning focussed housing refurbishment”.
“We are developing IOT and Connected City technologies using software and hardware that help a city capture, secure, and put data to work, so that they run smarter.  We have a secure internet of things platform called the Open City Data Platform.  This stretches from sensor data all the way up to high level data analytics which give real strategic insight.” Dr Nick Allott, CEO.
NQminds is exhibiting on the UKTI stand at MWC16 on the Great Britain Tech Zone stand, Barcelona. Hall 7 7C70J
A detailed briefing in the product offering will be made on Wednesday 24.02.16 15:00 hrs UKTI stand 7C40. Contact info@nqminds.com for more details.
Whitepapers on IOT security and City Data Analytics are available on the website: www.nqminds.com

About NquiringMinds NQminds develop IOT and SmartCities technologies.  We build security into hardware and software that help a city capture, secure, analyse and use data, in order for them to run smarter.  We support peer to peer secure data sharing of IOT data streams, private data sets and open data with genuine end to end security.NQminds are recognised as an Open Data Champion by the UK Cabinet Office and nominated for a Parliamentary Award for innovation in productivity. In 2014 Cisco identified nquiringminds as a Top 15 company in IOT. The UK government has awarded nquiringminds the contract to provide the Data Integration platform for its Future City Solutions Program.
For a full list of case studies visit:   https://nquiringminds.com/case-studies/
Press contact: info@nquiringminds.com