nquiringminds is working on smart technologies in an Indo-UK collaboration to monitor and correct problems with grain spoilage
An Indo-UK collaborative project, led by nquiringminds, entitled GrainCare, is reported in the Hindu Times.
Working with the Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology (IIFPT) and Indian partners Marketing Yard, nquiringminds together with Brunel Innovation Centre is developing modern low cost sensor and mobile apps for complete monitoring and corrective measure for grain storage in India.   The aim of the innovation is to cut down on post-harvest spoilage and maintain the quality of the stored and dried product.  The farmers will get mobile alerts regarding moisture or temperature rises during drying and storage and provide solutions to the various problems detected so that farmers can act immediately to prevent any losses in quality as well as quantity of grains.
GrainCare is a Newton Funded project under the Newton Fund: UK- India Research and Innovation Bridges Program, led by nquiringminds