In a recent peer reviewed paper on IOT middle ware, conducted by Portsmouth University, the webinos framework was rated as the most advanced approach to security.
In a detailed review of 22 IOT middle ware frameworks the conclusion section reported that:

Finally, we identified that the most advanced approach is that proposed by webinos. webinos utilizes some key technologies to provide a security and privacy model.

The detailed report and conclusions may be found at
The NquiringMinds IOT technologies have been built upon the architecture and open source code base of the webinos technology stack, which was built collaboratively with Sony, Samsung, DT, TIM, Telefonica, BMW, W3C and Oxford University, amongst 22 other leading organisations.
Since the earlier code release against which this security review was made there have been significant future developments.

These advances primarily relate to:

  • An optimised IOT friendly architecture designed for compute constrained devices
  • A simplified policy mechanism suitable for real-world IOT deployments
  • A concrete physical architecture an implementation of a “trustable” IOT device
  • Definition of a deployable federated hosting architecture

Watch out for upcoming announcements relating to these products.