NquiringMinds has been recognised by Cisco as a Top 15 company operating in the fields of IOE (Internet of Everything) in its Cisco Pioneers Program.
The Cisco Pioneers Program identifies new startups operating in the fields of Big Data Anaytics, Smart Cities and IOT/Cloud.
NquiringMinds was one of  over 1000 companies submitting to the program and was successful in winning one of the coverted “top 15” awards.
In a competition spanning IOT, Smart Cities and Data Aanalytics, NquiringMinds ’ UbiApps platform was unusual in being able to tick all three boxes. The UbiApps platform deals with IOT in a genuine end to end manner, providing a cloud based interface to manage IOT devices, the data from these devices and the high end analytics that turn IOT data into actionable intelligence. NquiringMinds  have been particularly successful in the Smart City sector having recently won a 1 million pound contract to supply  a data integration and analytics platform for the UK government.
Nick Allott, CEO of NquiringMinds  commented “We are very proud to have been acknowledged by Cisco in this award.  We believe our integrated IOT platform, and in particular the security and data analytics elements are genuinely revolutionary and we are very pleased that Cisco has seen fit to recognise these capabilities in their Pioneers program”

Interested parties can request an account for live demos or further information on the UbiApps platform and associated technology by emailing directly to  info@nquiringminds.com