A recent investigation by Which? has identified security vulnerabilities in the online banking systems of some UK banks.


TSB and the Co-operative Bank were found to have weaknesses in their mobile app and online security [1], including issues with data handling, password requirements [2] [3] [6], and text alerts. Lloyds failed to automatically log out users after a period of inactivity. NatWest and Starling Bank were praised for their strong security measures, with Starling Bank and NatWest/RBS ranking highest for online security [5]. HSBC received top scores for mobile banking security. The study assessed the security of 13 current account providers’ apps and websites [4] [6], focusing on login procedures [4], account management [2] [4], and navigation [2]. While most banks had multi-layered security measures [4], some had lower security ratings [4]. Barclays ranked second in mobile app security but had unresolved website management issues [4]. Deputy Editor of Which? Money [4], Sam Richardson [4], highlighted the need for improved fraud prevention measures and suggested appointing a dedicated fraud minister [4]. The banking industry emphasized its commitment to preventing fraud through cybersecurity measures and data sharing [4], urging customers to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity [4].


Banks must address security loopholes promptly to protect customers from potential scams. Improved fraud prevention measures and a dedicated fraud minister may be necessary to enhance security in the banking industry. Customers are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to help prevent fraud.


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