WhatsApp has recently introduced a new security feature called Secret Code, which enhances user privacy by allowing them to hide locked chats behind a unique password. This feature reflects WhatsApp’s commitment to prioritizing privacy and security.


The Secret Code feature enables users to set a separate password for their locked chats, distinct from their device unlock code [1] [4]. This password can include letters [2] [6], numbers [1] [2] [3] [6], special characters [1] [2] [6], and even emojis [6], ensuring maximum confidentiality. To access locked chats [2] [3] [6], users simply need to enter the password into the WhatsApp search bar [6]. Additionally, WhatsApp now allows users to lock a chat by long-pressing on the conversation in the chat list [6]. This update prevents others from discovering the existence of a locked chat folder on the user’s phone. The rollout of secret codes has begun and will be available globally in the coming months [3] [6].


The introduction of Secret Code by WhatsApp provides users with greater control over the confidentiality of their conversations. By offering a unique password for locked chats [3] [5], users can ensure maximum privacy. This feature aligns with WhatsApp’s commitment to prioritizing privacy and security. It’s worth noting that both Signal and WhatsApp have criticized the French government’s recommendation to use homegrown messaging apps, stating that there is no evidence to support claims of security vulnerabilities in these apps [5]. The implementation of Secret Code and the ongoing efforts to enhance privacy and security highlight the importance of user confidentiality in messaging platforms.


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