A webinar titled “Critical SaaS Security Dos and Don’ts: Insights from 493 Companies” is being held [2] [3], featuring Ran Senderovitz [3], the COO of Wing Security [1] [3]. This webinar aims to address the significant risks faced by companies due to unsecured SaaS applications and internal data threats.


The webinar will provide valuable insights and analysis based on data from nearly 500 companies using SaaS applications. Ran Senderovitz will delve into the alarming fact that 97% of companies are at serious risk from unsecured SaaS applications, while 20% struggle with internal data threats [1]. Participants will gain actionable steps and knowledge to create a more secure SaaS environment [1].

Additionally, the webinar will present a SaaS threat forecast for 2024 [1], helping organizations stay ahead of emerging challenges and providing solutions to mitigate them. This webinar is specifically designed for professionals in the security and IT sectors who want to fortify their organizations against SaaS-related threats [1].


By attending this webinar, participants will gain valuable insights into the risks associated with unsecured SaaS applications and internal data threats. They will also learn practical steps to enhance the security of their SaaS environment. Furthermore, the webinar will provide a glimpse into the future by presenting a SaaS threat forecast for 2024, enabling organizations to proactively address emerging challenges. This webinar is a must-attend for professionals in the security and IT sectors who are committed to safeguarding their organizations against SaaS-related threats.


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