Cloud computing has revolutionized how organizations operate and manage IT operations [2] [3], offering scalability [2] [3], versatility [3], and accessibility [2]. However, it also introduces unique cybersecurity challenges [2].


Cloud computing introduces various cybersecurity challenges [1], including misconfigurations [3], breach of access control [3], insecure data storage [3], over-permissive network policies [3], and ineffective logging and monitoring [3]. To address these challenges [1] [2] [3], Wazuh [1] [2], an open-source cybersecurity platform [2], supports cloud platforms like AWS [2], Azure [2], Github [2], and Google Cloud [2]. Wazuh provides comprehensive log management, real-time threat detection and incident response [1] [2], vulnerability management [1], compliance management [1], and file integrity monitoring [1]. Best practices for cloud security include implementing identity and access management systems, regularly inspecting cloud infrastructure [3], adopting the ‘zero trust’ principle [3], implementing secrets management solutions [3], encrypting data [3], conducting vulnerability scanning [3], and establishing incident response procedures [3]. Training employees in cloud security is also crucial [3]. While cloud service providers are responsible for securing the architecture [3], regular validation through penetration testing and red teaming is important [3]. IBA Group offers expertise in cloud security and can provide tailored solutions [3]. By using Wazuh [1] [2], organizations can enhance their security posture [1] [2], detect real-time threats [1], and protect their valuable data and applications in the cloud era [2].


Cloud computing has brought about significant changes in how organizations operate, but it has also introduced new cybersecurity challenges. However, with the use of platforms like Wazuh and the implementation of best practices, organizations can mitigate these challenges and enhance their security posture. It is crucial for organizations to invest in employee training and regularly validate their security measures through penetration testing and red teaming. Looking ahead, cloud security will continue to evolve, and staying updated with the latest technologies and practices will be essential for organizations to protect their valuable data and applications in the cloud era.