Varonis offers a comprehensive cybersecurity solution known as the data security triad [2] [3]. This innovative approach encompasses three key dimensions: sensitivity, access [1] [2] [3], and activity [1] [2] [3]. By effectively addressing these dimensions, organizations can significantly reduce the risk of insider attacks [2].


Sensitivity is a critical aspect of the data security triad. It involves identifying sensitive data and implementing robust controls to prevent unauthorized access or data exfiltration [3]. By gaining a clear understanding of where sensitive data is located, organizations can proactively minimize the impact of insider attacks [2].

Access is another crucial dimension of the data security triad. It focuses on limiting data access without compromising productivity [3]. Varonis helps organizations enforce data protection policies and control access, thereby reducing the potential blast radius of any security breach. With real-time visibility of privileges and data security posture across cloud applications and infrastructure [1], Varonis enables organizations to discover and safeguard their intellectual property effectively.

Activity monitoring is the third dimension of the data security triad. It involves tracking data actions and detecting any unusual behavior. By continuously monitoring for threats and surfacing genuine incidents that require attention [1], Varonis empowers organizations to proactively respond to insider threats.


By combining the pillars of sensitivity, access [1] [2] [3], and activity [1] [2] [3], organizations can effectively mitigate the risk of insider attacks [2]. Varonis’ data security triad provides a comprehensive solution that not only identifies sensitive data and controls access but also monitors data actions and detects unusual behavior. This holistic approach enables organizations to reduce the impact of insider attacks and respond promptly to potential threats. As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, Varonis remains at the forefront, helping organizations safeguard their valuable data and protect against insider threats.