The US government recently disrupted a hacking operation called Volt Typhoon [3], which was supported by China and targeted critical infrastructure in the United States. This operation [1] [2] [3] [4], led by the FBI [2] [4] [5], involved removing malware from compromised routers and severing their connection to the hackers [3]. The purpose of this disruption was to protect American interests and prevent potential harm.


FBI Director Christopher Wray has issued a warning that China’s hackers are actively preparing to cause real-world harm to Americans in the event of a future conflict [3]. Their specific aim is to disrupt the US military’s ability to mobilize in a conflict over Taiwan [3]. The director of the US cybersecurity agency CISA [3], Jen Easterly [2] [3], has acknowledged that flaws in US critical infrastructure have made it easier for China-backed hackers to target systems [3].

Volt Typhoon [1] [2] [3] [4] [5], a state-sponsored group of hackers based in China [3], primarily focuses on espionage and information gathering [3]. Their recent targeting of critical infrastructure in the United States highlights the need for increased security measures. The US government is committed to dismantling malicious cyber operations that undermine the security of the American people [3].


The successful disruption of the Volt Typhoon hacking operation is a significant step in safeguarding American interests and protecting critical infrastructure. However, the warning from FBI Director Christopher Wray serves as a reminder of the ongoing threat posed by China-backed hackers. It is crucial for device manufacturers to improve device security by eliminating vulnerabilities in router web interfaces [3].

Efforts to enhance cybersecurity and protect critical infrastructure must continue to mitigate the potential impacts of future cyber attacks. The US government, along with agencies like CISA, will play a vital role in ensuring the security of the American people. By remaining vigilant and proactive, we can better defend against cyber threats and maintain the integrity of our national security.