The US Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI collaborated in a multinational operation to dismantle the Qakbot malware and botnet [2]. While the operation successfully disrupted the threat [1] [2], concerns remain about the potential danger posed by Qakbot in a reduced form.


At the time of the takedown [2], Qakbot had infected a significant number of devices globally [2], compromising 700,000 machines. The operation removed the malware from infected devices [1], but only the command-and-control servers were affected [2], leaving the spam delivery infrastructure untouched [1]. This allows the threat actors behind Qakbot to continue operating and presents an ongoing threat. The DOJ has recovered over 6.5 million stolen passwords and credentials from Qakbot’s operators [1] [2]. To check if your login information has been exposed [2], you can use the provided resources [2]. Staying vigilant and implementing security measures is crucial to prevent future infections [1] [2]. For protection against Qakbot [1] [2], BlackBerry’s CylanceENDPOINT solution is recommended [1] [2]. The DOJ also provides additional information and resources on mitigations through their Qakbot resources page.


The dismantling of the Qakbot malware and botnet is a significant achievement, but the threat remains as Qakbot may still pose a danger in a reduced form [1] [2]. The recovery of millions of stolen passwords and credentials highlights the extent of the damage caused by Qakbot’s operators. It is essential for individuals and organizations to remain vigilant and implement security measures to prevent future infections. BlackBerry’s CylanceENDPOINT solution is recommended for protection against Qakbot [1] [2]. The DOJ’s Qakbot resources page offers additional information and resources on mitigations.