The US Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has released its first roadmap for artificial intelligence (AI) in cybersecurity [1] [2]. This roadmap outlines strategic lines of effort to enhance cybersecurity capabilities through the responsible use of AI.


The inaugural roadmap from CISA addresses the use of AI in cybersecurity in response to an executive order on AI. It focuses on five strategic lines of effort: responsibly using AI to support CISA’s mission [7], assessing and ensuring AI systems [1] [7], protecting critical infrastructure from malicious use of AI [1] [3] [7], collaborating and communicating on key AI efforts [1] [3] [7], and developing AI expertise in the workforce [1] [3] [7]. The roadmap emphasizes the importance of security in AI system design and development [7], aligning with constitutional principles and relevant laws and policies [1].

CISA Director Jen Easterly states that the roadmap sets forth a plan to enhance cybersecurity capabilities through the beneficial use of AI [1]. Stakeholders [1] [7], partners [1] [3] [7], and the public are invited to explore the roadmap and understand the agency’s strategic vision for AI technology and cybersecurity [1]. This initiative aligns with President Biden’s Executive Order to promote AI safety standards [1], protect US networks and critical infrastructure [1], and address the potential weaponization of AI [1].

The roadmap also highlights the need for secure development and implementation of AI systems and accountability for AI manufacturers [5]. CISA plans to assess the threats of AI-powered attacks on critical infrastructure and collaborate with the industry to defend against these threats [5]. The goal is to leverage AI while mitigating its risks to critical infrastructure and cyber defenses [5]. This effort is part of a larger initiative to establish levels of regulation within machine learning technologies [3], as outlined in President Joe Biden’s executive order [3].


CISA’s roadmap for AI in cybersecurity has significant implications for the future of cybersecurity and the protection of critical infrastructure. By responsibly using AI and collaborating with stakeholders, CISA aims to enhance cybersecurity capabilities and address the potential risks associated with AI-powered attacks. This roadmap aligns with President Biden’s focus on AI safety standards and the protection of US networks and critical infrastructure. As AI continues to advance, CISA’s mission to strengthen cybersecurity and protect critical infrastructure will play a crucial role in ensuring the safety [6], security [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7], and resilience of AI [6].