Three cyber criminals in Kharkiv [3], Ukraine have been arrested by the Cyber Police of Ukraine for hacking into the personal email and Instagram accounts of over 100 million internet users globally.


The suspects [1] [2] [4], who were part of an organized criminal group operating in different regions of Ukraine [1], utilized brute-force techniques to gain unauthorized access to accounts protected by easily guessable passwords. They then sold the stolen credentials on dark web forums for various fraudulent schemes, including soliciting loans or emergency funds from contacts and followers [3]. Additionally, some accounts may have been used for Russian intelligence purposes [3]. Authorities conducted searches in multiple regions and seized over 70 pieces of computer equipment [4], phones [2] [4], bank cards [2] [4], and cash [2] [4]. The individuals are facing charges under Ukrainian laws for unauthorized interference in IT and communications systems and could potentially receive up to 15 years in prison if convicted. The investigation is ongoing [4], with suspicions of collaboration with foreign entities [4], potentially benefiting Russian interests [4]. Officials have advised users to set up two-factor authentication and strong passwords to prevent similar attacks.


This cybercrime incident highlights the importance of strong cybersecurity measures to protect personal information online. Users are urged to implement two-factor authentication and use complex passwords to safeguard their accounts from unauthorized access. The collaboration with foreign entities [4], particularly those with malicious intent, poses a significant threat to global cybersecurity and underscores the need for international cooperation in combating cyber threats.