The UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has introduced the Personal Internet Protection (PIP) service to protect political candidates and election officials during the 2024 election cycle from cyber threats [2].


The PIP service allows users to register their email addresses and details through a portal for configuration on their personal devices [3]. It alerts users to malicious domains and blocks outgoing traffic to these sites [1] [2] [3], addressing concerns about spyware and data theft. The initiative follows recent government warnings about cyber threats from Russian and Chinese threat groups. PIP utilizes the NCSC’s Protective Domain Name Service (PDNS) to prevent access to known malicious domains and has partnered with international cyber agencies to provide guidance for high-risk individuals.


The PIP service aims to address spyware and malicious activity targeting UK institutions by Russian and Chinese actors [2]. It offers Account Registration for high-risk individuals and provides guidance on updating personal devices and staying vigilant against cyber threats. This initiative highlights the importance of cybersecurity in protecting political candidates and election officials, and sets a precedent for future collaborations and measures to safeguard against cyber threats.