The UK National Cyber Security Agency (NCSC) and National Protective Security Authority (NPSA) have collaborated to launch an awareness campaign called Secure Innovation [1] [2] [3], targeting start-ups in cutting-edge technology. This campaign aims to educate businesses about increasing threats from nation-states and provide guidance on safeguarding their innovations [3].


The Secure Innovation campaign, spearheaded by the NPSA, is the first initiative since its creation in March 2023. It addresses nation-state threats faced by start-ups and is a response to recent warnings from intelligence agencies in the US about intellectual property theft. The campaign includes an updated ‘Secure Innovation’ guidance [2], with a free Quick Start Guide for start-ups lacking security expertise [3]. It covers areas such as investments [1] [2], supply chains [1] [2], travel [1] [2], IT networks [1] [2], and cloud computing [1] [2], emphasizing practical steps to bolster security measures against threats from other states [3], criminals [2] [3], and competitors [3].


By adopting the principles outlined by the Five Eyes agencies and utilizing the guidance and Quick Start Guide provided by the Secure Innovation campaign, organizations can proactively enhance their security posture and protect their sensitive intellectual property [3]. This program aims to address the security vulnerabilities that innovative tech start-ups and spinouts may face during their early stages. It emphasizes the importance of investing time and resources into security measures now, as it can lead to more effective and cost-efficient security in the long run [4].