The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in the UK has recently established the Cyber League, a collaborative group aimed at addressing the growing cyber threats faced by the country. This initiative brings together industry experts [2], including NCSC analysts and third-party professionals with relevant experience in cybersecurity and threat intelligence.


The Cyber League is a voluntary organization that allows up to three individuals from each organization to join [1], provided they have a substantial UK connection [1]. Its members will actively participate in various engagements, such as analytic workshops and discussion groups [1] [2], to enhance visibility and track both existing and emerging threats to the UK [1] [2]. This initiative complements the NCSC’s Industry i100 program [2], where third-party cyber experts work part-time at the agency [2]. The primary goal of the Cyber League is to promote public-private information sharing and improve the overall approach to cybersecurity.


The establishment of the Cyber League underscores the importance of preparedness for major cyber events in the UK. As adversaries become increasingly aggressive and technologically capable [2], it is crucial for the country to have a unified and proactive response. By bringing together industry experts and fostering collaboration, the Cyber League aims to enhance the nation’s cybersecurity capabilities and mitigate potential threats. This initiative sets the stage for improved public-private partnerships and information sharing, ultimately strengthening the UK’s resilience in the face of cyber threats.