Following a ransomware attack on medical equipment supplier NRS Healthcare in April 2024, several UK councils have issued warnings to residents regarding potential personal data breaches and supply chain disruptions.


Multiple UK councils [1] [2], including East Lothian, Waltham Forest [1] [2], Camden [1] [2], and Buckinghamshire [1] [2] [3], have alerted residents to the aftermath of the ransomware attack on NRS Healthcare. The attack resulted in service disruptions, with the NRS Healthcare website being taken offline. Buckinghamshire Council is working with NRS Healthcare to assess the extent of the breach and will directly contact affected clients [3]. Residents are advised to remain vigilant against social engineering attacks [1], such as unsolicited emails [2], text messages [3], phone calls [2] [3], and home visits [3], and to verify the identity of any official visitors [1]. Some councils have issued cautionary guidelines on suspicious emails and documents [4], while others are closely monitoring the situation to determine if any data has been compromised [4]. Criticism has been directed at the delay in notifying customers and partners about the attack [4], with calls for NRS Healthcare to prioritize providing information on the incident to affected parties [4]. This incident underscores the risks associated with sharing confidential data with third-party suppliers [1] [2], as evidenced by recent data breaches involving third-party providers [2], such as the recent data breach at banking giant Santander [1].


The ransomware attack on NRS Healthcare has had significant impacts on service delivery and data security, prompting councils to issue warnings and advice to residents. Moving forward, it is crucial for organizations to prioritize cybersecurity measures and promptly communicate with affected parties in the event of a data breach. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of safeguarding personal data and the potential consequences of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure.