Traceable AI [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6], a leading API security company [3] [5], has recently released its comprehensive research report [3] [4] [5] [6], the 2023 State of API Security: A Global Study on the Reality of API Risk [4] [5] [6]. This study engaged 1,629 cybersecurity experts across the United States [5], the United Kingdom [3] [5], and EMEA [2] [5], providing unique insights into the API security landscape and its associated risks.


The report reveals a significant increase in API-related data breaches [1], with 60% of organizations reporting at least one breach in the past two years [1]. DDoS attacks are identified as the primary method, accounting for 38% of breaches [1]. It also highlights a lack of understanding and confidence in API security [1], with only 38% of experts feeling capable of discerning API activities [1]. Looking ahead, 61% of respondents anticipate escalating API-related risks in the next two years [1]. The study emphasizes the challenges organizations face, such as API sprawl and securing third-party API connections [1]. To address these issues, Traceable emphasizes the importance of prioritizing API security as a cornerstone of cyber defense strategy [1] [4] [5] [6]. The report also delves into the use of traditional solutions like Web Application Firewalls and the emerging role of Zero Trust Security in fortifying API security [4] [5] [6]. Overall, the findings underscore the urgent need for businesses to prioritize API security and not underestimate the associated threats.


The study’s findings highlight the significant impact of API-related data breaches and the need for organizations to prioritize API security. With the increasing risks and challenges identified, businesses must take proactive measures to secure their API connections and address API sprawl. Traceable’s comprehensive solution for API protection in a cloud-first [5], API-driven world positions them at the forefront of API security innovation. It is crucial for security professionals to stay informed and shape their organization’s cybersecurity strategy based on the insights provided in this report. The future implications of escalating API-related risks further emphasize the importance of ongoing vigilance and investment in API security.