RansomedVC [1] [3] [4] [5], a newly emerged ransomware group known as Ransomed.vc on the dark web, claims to have successfully breached Sony Group Corporation’s computer systems in a ransomware attack. They have obtained sensitive data and are threatening to sell it since Sony refused to pay.


RansomedVC has announced that they have accessed Sony’s computer systems and obtained sensitive data, including screenshots of Sony’s internal log-in page [3], an internal PowerPoint presentation [2] [3], Java files [2] [3], and a document tree containing 6,000 files [3]. They have evidence of the breach, including a file tree of the leaked data [4]. The breach appears to involve fewer than 6,000 files [4], some of which contain Japanese characters [4]. It has been clarified that no ransomware was deployed and no corporate data was stolen [1]. Instead, the stolen data was collected from various developer tools used by the company [1]. RansomedVC also operates as a ransomware-as-a-service organization and reportedly uses data protection laws to intimidate victims [3]. They have a history of threatening victims with GDPR violations. Sony is currently investigating the situation and has not yet responded to requests for comment regarding this breach. If confirmed [4] [5], Sony will join a growing list of gaming and entertainment companies that have fallen victim to data theft or ransom attacks. It is worth noting that Sony has experienced a major breach in 2011.


This breach by RansomedVC has serious implications for Sony, as they now face the potential sale of their sensitive data. Sony’s response to this breach and their ability to mitigate the impact will be crucial. Additionally, this incident highlights the ongoing threat of ransomware attacks and the need for robust cybersecurity measures in the gaming and entertainment industry. Sony’s previous breach in 2011 serves as a reminder of the importance of continuous vigilance and proactive security measures to protect against future attacks.


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