President Biden has signed an executive order on artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure the trustworthiness and beneficial use of AI technology. This order aims to balance the interests of technology companies [2], national security [2], and consumer rights [2].


The executive order mandates leading AI developers to share safety test results with the government and establishes standards by the National Institute of Standards and Technology to ensure the safety and security of AI tools [2]. It also addresses privacy [1] [2], civil rights [2] [3], consumer protections [2], scientific research [2], and worker rights [2]. This order builds upon voluntary commitments made by technology companies and is part of a broader strategy that includes legislation and international diplomacy [2]. The guidance provided by the order is to be implemented within 90 to 365 days.

The order sets new standards for safety [3], privacy [1] [2] [3], and equity in AI [2]. It requires developers of powerful AI systems to share safety test results with the federal government and develop standards to ensure the safety and security of AI systems [3]. It also focuses on protecting against the risks of using AI for dangerous purposes [3], such as engineering biological materials [3]. Additionally, the order includes measures to detect AI-generated content and authenticate official content to prevent AI-enabled fraud and deception [3]. It establishes standards and best practices for various sectors, including criminal justice and job displacement [1]. The order emphasizes the importance of data privacy legislation and preventing AI algorithms from exacerbating discrimination [3]. Furthermore, it calls for the development of an advanced cybersecurity program to identify and address vulnerabilities in critical software [3]. The administration intends to collaborate with other countries on AI governance frameworks [1].


The executive order reflects a proactive approach to managing the promise of AI while mitigating potential risks. It aims to protect privacy [3], advance civil rights [2] [3], promote innovation and competition [1] [3], and strengthen American leadership in the AI industry. By establishing standards and guidelines, the order ensures the trustworthiness and beneficial use of AI technology. It also emphasizes the importance of international collaboration and the development of advanced cybersecurity measures. Overall, this executive order sets the stage for responsible AI development and governance, with a focus on protecting individuals and society as a whole.