The OWASP LLM AI Cybersecurity & Governance Checklist [1] [2], released in 2023, is a comprehensive 32-page document by the Open Web Application Security Project [2]. It aims to assist organizations in securely implementing large language models (LLMs).


John Sotiropoulos [1], a senior security architect at Kainos and a key contributor to OWASP’s Top 10 for LLMs [1], emphasized the checklist’s significance in safeguarding AI. It provides guidance on steps to take before deploying an LLM strategy, methods for deploying LLMs, and considerations for implementing an LLM use case while minimizing risks [2]. The checklist also covers business-oriented measures [2], risk management strategies, and legal [2], regulatory [2], and policy considerations [2]. This milestone in OWASP’s AI protection efforts aligns with the OWASP AI Exchange platform and emphasizes the impact of existing legislation like the GDPR on AI business requirements. Collaboration with standards organizations [1], vendors [1], and public cybersecurity agencies [1], as well as membership in the US AI Safety Consortium [1], will help unify AI security advice [1].


The OWASP LLM AI Cybersecurity & Governance Checklist plays a crucial role in enhancing AI security measures. By providing comprehensive guidance and aligning with existing legislation, it helps organizations mitigate risks and ensure compliance. Continued collaboration with industry stakeholders and membership in relevant consortia will further strengthen AI security practices in the future.