Nudge Security [1] [2] [3], a leading cybersecurity startup [3], had a successful year in 2023 [3]. They specialize in providing practical and effective SaaS security solutions to help IT security leaders manage their expanding SaaS footprint.


Nudge Security offers a unique SaaS discovery method, for which they hold a patent. This method allows organizations to have a comprehensive inventory of all SaaS accounts and automate SaaS governance tasks [1] [2]. The best part is that it provides real-time, continuous SaaS discovery without the need for agents or complicated configurations [1] [2].

One of Nudge Security’s key offerings is their SaaS attack surface dashboard, which helps organizations monitor externally facing assets and take proactive steps to protect against attacks [2]. They also assist organizations in managing OAuth risks by reviewing OAuth grants and identifying overly permissive scopes and app-to-app connections [1] [2].

Furthermore, Nudge Security helps organizations expand their single sign-on (SSO) coverage by showing which apps are enrolled in SSO and initiating SSO onboarding workflows [1] [2]. They also provide visibility into multi-factor authentication (MFA) usage and enable IT teams to prompt users to enable MFA for their accounts [2].

Through their SaaS discovery method [3], Nudge Security has identified over 32,000 SaaS applications used by their customers [3]. They continuously onboard new customers and release new features [3], including an employee-facing app directory [3].

Recognizing the rise of AI SaaS adoption, Nudge Security has developed AI-specific features to help organizations manage the associated risks [3]. They also address the need for SaaS identity security by providing capabilities for managing SaaS user and group accounts [3].


Nudge Security is committed to staying ahead of future trends in SaaS security [3]. They invite interested parties to book a demo or start a free trial [3]. Nudge Security expresses gratitude to their customers [3], partners [3], advisors [3], investors [1] [2] [3], and friends for their support [3].

With Nudge Security [1] [2] [3], IT and security teams can improve SaaS security by eliminating shadow IT [1], securing rogue accounts [1] [2], minimizing the SaaS attack surface [1] [2], and automating tasks [1] [2]. This not only enhances overall security but also ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Looking ahead, Nudge Security will continue to innovate and adapt to the evolving landscape of cybersecurity. Their focus on providing practical and effective solutions will help organizations mitigate risks and protect their valuable assets in an increasingly digital world.