Nudge Security is a unique solution that focuses on SaaS security and governance by working collaboratively with employees [2]. It enables IT and security leaders to adapt to business needs while maintaining visibility and control over cloud and SaaS security [2].


Nudge Security offers a comprehensive platform that addresses various aspects of SaaS security. It quickly identifies all SaaS accounts within an organization by analyzing machine-generated email messages [1]. This process only requires read-only API access to email providers [2]. By providing valuable context on access and enrollment in MFA or SSO [2], Nudge Security facilitates easy tracking of progress against enrollment efforts.

Furthermore, Nudge Security monitors the entire SaaS attack surface [1] [2], including apps [2], infrastructure [2], developer tools [2], and social media accounts [2]. This proactive approach helps protect against threats. The platform also offers vendor security profiles and supply chain visibility [2], enabling organizations to assess SaaS providers and detect breaches [2].

In addition to its monitoring capabilities, Nudge Security automates workflows for common SaaS security tasks [1], reducing the time spent on manual processes. It effectively manages SaaS sprawl without hindering productivity and promotes best practices through built-in playbooks.


Nudge Security provides organizations with a comprehensive solution to enhance SaaS security and governance. By working collaboratively with employees, it ensures that IT and security leaders can adapt to business needs while maintaining control over cloud and SaaS security [2]. With its proactive monitoring, automated workflows [1], and vendor assessment capabilities, Nudge Security helps organizations mitigate risks and protect against threats. Start a free trial today to discover your organization’s SaaS footprint and strengthen your SaaS security and governance [2].