Netcraft [1] [2] [3] [4] [5], a global leader in digital risk protection and threat intelligence [4], has recently launched a new Conversational Scam Intelligence platform powered by AI technology.


This platform is designed to combat criminal financial activities, specifically targeting scams like investment and pig-butchering schemes [2]. By engaging with criminals in private message threads [2] [3] [4] [5], Netcraft’s AI can extract critical insights to prevent future attacks and uncover hidden financial infrastructure [2], identifying thousands of criminal-controlled bank accounts and crypto wallet addresses [2] [3]. CEO Ryan Woodley emphasizes the importance of leveraging AI and proactive measures to combat financial scams [5], especially as regulatory landscapes evolve to hold financial institutions more accountable for fraudulent activities [5]. Netcraft’s services rely on a combination of AI, machine learning [2] [3] [5], and human-written rules to anticipate and prevent criminal behavior [5], with a strong emphasis on automating the process of dismantling criminal infrastructure. The Conversational Scam Intelligence platform is expected to yield positive results for banking partners and aid in combating criminal behavior [5], utilizing AI [2] [3] [4], cloaking techniques [3] [4], and proactive countermeasures to disrupt criminal financial infrastructure [3].


The Conversational Scam Intelligence platform by Netcraft is a significant step towards combating financial scams and protecting against criminal activities. By leveraging AI technology and proactive measures, Netcraft is able to identify and prevent fraudulent behavior, ultimately helping to mitigate risk exposure for its customers and disrupt criminal financial infrastructure. This innovative approach is expected to have a positive impact on banking partners and aid in the ongoing fight against financial crimes.