A recent report by Kaspersky sheds light on the network security challenges faced by geographically distributed businesses.


The report reveals that 59% of such businesses experience network issues related to their multi-site structure at least once a month. Common challenges include network outages [2], lost connections [1] [2], and poor service performance [1] [2]. Network problems occur between one and three times a month for 46% of businesses [1], with 13% facing weekly issues [1]. The most common problem is network failures [1], affecting 55% of companies surveyed [1]. Connectivity losses [1], degraded service performance [1], inadequate connection capacity [1], and network shutdowns are also reported [1]. Kaspersky recommends using dedicated solutions like Kaspersky SD-WAN to manage corporate networks and integrate communication channels and network functions for efficiency and security in geographically dispersed business operations.


It is crucial for businesses to prioritize comprehensive information protection for all offices in order to mitigate the impact of network security challenges. Implementing solutions like Kaspersky SD-WAN can help manage corporate networks effectively and ensure the security and efficiency of geographically dispersed business operations in the future.


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