Microsoft has introduced native support for the Sudo command in Windows 11 [6]. This new feature allows developers to run elevated programs directly from unelevated consoles using built-in sudo commands [5]. It aims to streamline workflows and enhance the user experience by eliminating the need for a separate elevated console [3].


The Sudo for Windows feature offers three configuration options: opening in a new window, with input disabled [5] [6], or inline [5] [6] [7]. However, it is important to note that the inline option may have fewer security controls compared to the other two options. To enable Sudo for Windows [1] [4], users can turn it on in the “For developers” setting [1]. Currently, this feature is only available on the Canary version of Windows 11 [5], with a wider rollout expected later in the year [5].

Microsoft plans to make Sudo open-source soon and is actively working to make it an open-source project on GitHub [1]. They are encouraging users to contribute and report any issues they encounter. This move follows Microsoft’s previous actions of incorporating Linux features and shipping a full Linux kernel in Windows 10 [2].


The introduction of native support for the Sudo command in Windows 11 has significant implications for developers and users alike. It simplifies the process of running elevated programs and improves the overall user experience. However, it is crucial to consider the security implications of using the inline option, as it may have fewer security controls [4].

Furthermore, Microsoft’s decision to make Sudo open-source demonstrates their commitment to collaboration and community involvement. This move allows users to contribute to the development of Sudo and report any issues they encounter, ensuring its continuous improvement.

Overall, the introduction of Sudo for Windows in Windows 11 marks another step towards integrating Linux features into the Windows operating system. It will be interesting to see how this feature evolves and the impact it has on the development community.