MGM Resorts is currently dealing with the aftermath of a cyberattack that occurred on September 10. This attack has caused disruptions in hotel operations [1], with guests experiencing issues such as locked rooms, malfunctioning digital keys [2], cancelled reservations [2], and difficulty making payments or logging into their accounts [2].


The cyberattack on MGM Resorts resulted in guests being locked out of their rooms and unable to use digital key cards [3]. Customers also reported problems with slot machines and online room booking systems [2]. Certain systems were shut down due to a cyber-security issue [2], causing disruptions in hotel operations [1]. Despite these issues, dining [1] [4], entertainment [1] [4], and gaming facilities remain operational. MGM Resorts has launched an investigation into the cyberattack [2], enlisting the help of external cybersecurity experts and law enforcement [1] [2]. The company’s main website is currently unavailable [2], but customers can still reach out via phone or third-party websites. The extent of data stolen in this attack is still unknown [2], and the nature and scope of the cyberattack are being determined through the ongoing investigation. MGM Resorts is working diligently to protect their systems and data, and their recovery process is being handled by their security teams according to their incident response plan. The status of other systems and whether manual operations are being used remain unclear [4]. The FBI is aware of the incident but has no additional information at this time [3]. MGM Resorts manages various properties across the US and China [4]. It is uncertain whether the cyberattack was conducted for financial gain or intelligence purposes [4], as the nature of the attack is still unknown. Casinos have been targeted by cybercriminals and foreign governments in the past [4]. The attack on MGM is disruptive and atypical [3], as most breaches target personal data and are discovered after the fact [3].


The cyberattack on MGM Resorts has had significant impacts on guests, with disruptions in room access, reservations [2] [3], and payment systems. MGM Resorts is actively investigating the attack and taking steps to protect their systems and data. The extent of the data stolen and the motives behind the attack are still unknown. This incident highlights the ongoing threat that cybercriminals and foreign governments pose to the casino industry. It is crucial for organizations to remain vigilant and implement robust cybersecurity measures to mitigate future attacks.