NordVPN [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7], through its project NordLabs, has developed Sonar, an AI-enabled browser extension aimed at protecting internet users from phishing attacks and cybercrime.


Sonar utilizes a large language model system and artificial intelligence technology to analyze emails and alert users to suspicious elements that may indicate a phishing scam. It also educates users on the signs to look out for in future communications [5]. Currently, Sonar is available for Gmail users on Google Chrome [1] [4] [5] [6] [7], with plans to expand to other platforms in the future [5]. NordVPN encourages users to test Sonar and provide feedback to enhance internet safety [4].

NordVPN subscribers can sign up for the beta version of Sonar and help the engineering team test its effectiveness [2]. Additionally, NordVPN has introduced NordLabs, a platform dedicated to exploring emerging technologies and developing new tools and services to enhance user security and privacy. As part of this initiative, NordVPN plans to launch Pixray, an AI-powered tool on the NordLabs platform in September. Pixray will enable users to differentiate between AI-generated images and traditional ones.


NordVPN’s Sonar browser extension [2] [5], powered by AI technology, offers users protection against phishing attacks and cybercrime. By analyzing emails and alerting users to suspicious elements, Sonar enhances internet safety. NordVPN’s commitment to user security and privacy is further demonstrated through the introduction of NordLabs, a platform dedicated to developing innovative tools like Pixray. With ongoing improvements and the launch of new projects, NordVPN continues to prioritize internet safety for its users.