Kaspersky cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a sophisticated scheme targeting Telegram users worldwide, involving the theft of Toncoins (TON) through a referral system [4].


This scam [2] [4] [5], active since at least November 2023 [4], is orchestrated by cyber attackers who lure victims with promises of an “exclusive earning program.” Victims are prompted to join unofficial Telegram bots linked to seemingly reliable cryptocurrency wallets, where they are encouraged to purchase Toncoins through various channels [4]. Scammers exploit victims by persuading them to buy fake boosters, claiming these boosters are essential for generating profits [4]. The costs of these boosters range from 5 to 500 Toncoins, depending on the chosen package [4]. To entice victims, scammers instruct them to create private Telegram groups with friends and acquaintances [3] [4], sharing referral links and instructional videos in Russian and English. The referral program is a key element of their strategy [4], with attackers claiming that at least five people must join the private group via the referral link for profits to begin [4].


This scam poses a significant threat due to its exploitation of Telegram’s popularity and the allure of cryptocurrency investments [4]. Users are advised to remain vigilant and cautious when engaging in cryptocurrency transactions and to verify the legitimacy of any platforms or services before making financial commitments [4]. Implementing comprehensive security measures and staying informed about evolving fraudulent schemes are crucial [1]. Avoid transferring cryptocurrencies to unknown wallets and use comprehensive security solutions like Kaspersky Premium to protect against scams [6].


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