The International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague [2] [6], Netherlands has recently experienced a cybersecurity incident that has compromised its information systems. This incident has raised concerns about the potential exposure of sensitive data related to ongoing cases and classified information on witnesses.


Hackers have successfully gained unauthorized access to the ICC’s internal systems, prompting investigations to determine if any data has been stolen [6]. The court is working closely with authorities in the Netherlands to enhance security measures and mitigate the impact of the breach. Immediate actions are being taken, with assistance from the Netherlands [4], to address the situation and protect the integrity of the ICC’s core work.

This incident is not the first security threat faced by the ICC, as it has previously been targeted by cybercriminals and state-sponsored spies [1]. In fact, a Dutch intelligence agency thwarted a sophisticated attempt by a Russian spy to work as an intern at the court last year [3] [5]. The Netherlands remains committed to providing ongoing assistance in addressing this incident.

Currently, the ICC is actively conducting investigations into 17 cases spanning Ukraine, Uganda [2], Venezuela [2], Afghanistan [2], and the Philippines [2]. It is important to note that an arrest warrant was previously issued by the ICC for Russian President Vladimir Putin, which has restricted his attendance at international conferences due to the fear of potential detainment by ICC member states.

To strengthen its cybersecurity posture [2] [3] [5], the ICC is exploring the use of cloud-based technologies. Additionally, the organization is seeking support from stakeholders and member states to enhance its institutional resilience and improve its IT infrastructure [1].


The ICC is taking urgent measures to respond to this cybersecurity incident and ensure the continuity of its core work. The cooperation and support provided by the Netherlands are greatly appreciated. Moving forward, the ICC will continue to prioritize the protection of sensitive information and the pursuit of justice in its ongoing cases. This incident serves as a reminder of the persistent threats faced by international organizations, highlighting the need for constant vigilance and the implementation of robust cybersecurity measures.