A recent report by FICO reveals that identity theft remains a significant concern in the UK. This report highlights the number of individuals who have fallen victim to identity theft and the impact it has on their financial accounts. It also emphasizes the importance of vigilance in preventing identity misuse and the increasing demand for trustworthy financial service providers.


According to the report, approximately 1.9 million people in the UK have experienced identity theft, where their stolen identities are used by fraudsters to open financial accounts [1] [2]. However, there has been a decrease in the number of cases compared to the previous year. Additionally, 5.4% of respondents believe it is likely that their stolen identity has been used in this manner [2].

The report further reveals that identity theft to open financial accounts is the most concerning type of fraud for 30% of Brits. It underscores the significant financial losses that can result from such fraud and the need for individuals to remain vigilant in protecting their identities.

Furthermore, the report highlights the growing acceptance of new verification tools [2], such as biometrics [2], as individuals recognize the benefits they offer in preventing identity theft.


The report’s findings emphasize the impact of identity theft on individuals and the importance of taking preventive measures. It also highlights the increasing demand for financial service providers who prioritize identity and financial protection. As technology advances, the acceptance of new verification tools like biometrics is expected to grow, providing individuals with enhanced security against identity theft.

In conclusion, the report serves as a reminder of the ongoing threat of identity theft and the need for individuals to remain vigilant in safeguarding their identities.


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