Identity compromise poses a significant cyber threat to organizations [1] [2], with a high percentage of businesses experiencing breaches related to identity theft. The Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA) has taken steps to address this issue by establishing Identity Management Day and running campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of identity security.


Identity Management Day was initiated by the IDSA in 2021 to highlight the growing threat of identity compromise. In 2024 [1] [2], the fourth campaign will take place on April 9 under the slogan #BeIdentitySmart. A staggering 78% of organizations have faced direct business impacts from identity-related breaches, indicating the severity of the issue. The complexity of modern IT environments has contributed to the momentum of identity theft, making it a preferred method for threat actors to gain access to systems. With 90% of organizations experiencing identity-related breaches [2], the need for effective identity management and security measures is more crucial than ever. The IDSA has introduced programs such as the Identity Management Champion Program and the Identity Management Awards to recognize individuals and organizations that prioritize identity security [1]. To #BeIdentitySmart [1] [2], organizations should prioritize identity in their security programs, automate processes [1], and promote a culture of best practices [1].


The prevalence of identity theft incidents underscores the importance of implementing robust identity management and security measures. Organizations must take proactive steps to protect their identities, such as prioritizing identity in security programs, automating processes [1], and fostering a culture of best practices [1]. By recognizing and addressing the risks associated with identity compromise, businesses can mitigate the impacts of breaches and safeguard their sensitive information in the future.