The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is urging shoppers to exercise caution when purchasing smart technologies on Black Friday [1], highlighting potential risks to privacy and security. By reviewing the tech category [1], the ICO aims to inform buyers about the potential risks associated with these devices.


The ICO advises consumers to thoroughly investigate how smart devices collect and handle personal data. They recommend reviewing permissions in the app store [1], regularly updating software [3], using strong passwords [2] [3], and being selective about who has access to personal data [3]. Additionally, the ICO suggests wiping old devices and requesting data deletion to further protect personal information. These guidelines aim to empower consumers to make informed purchases and maintain control over their personal data. Consumer rights group Which? also advises shoppers to research products [2], avoid those with security flaws [2] [3], and understand data access and collection [3]. The ICO’s focus on updating guidelines for smart tech privacy is seen as a positive step towards protecting consumers from unintentionally sharing their data [3].


By raising awareness about the potential risks associated with smart technologies, the ICO aims to mitigate the unintentional exposure of personal data. This emphasis on privacy and security serves to protect consumers and ensure they have more control over their personal information. Moving forward, it is crucial for shoppers to remain vigilant and informed about the privacy implications of the smart devices they purchase.