Hackers have launched a new malware campaign targeting GitHub users, distributing clipper malware disguised as popular projects.


The campaign involves creating malicious repositories related to tools, video games [6], and cheats [1] [5] [6] [7], regularly updating them to increase visibility. Fake accounts are used to add positive reviews and ratings [4], while the malware’s size is inflated to evade antivirus detection. The clipper malware steals clipboard information [4], particularly targeting cryptocurrency theft. Interestingly, it does not activate on computers in Russia. Security researcher Yehuda Gelb advises monitoring commit frequency and account activity, conducting manual code reviews [2] [8], and using malware detection tools to protect against these threats. Checkmarx’s report highlights the trend of using GitHub to distribute Windows malware [6], targeting crypto wallets by swapping wallet addresses [1]. Malicious actors exploit GitHub’s search function to deceive users into downloading malware disguised as legitimate projects [3]. Hidden within project files [8], the malware appears legitimate with fake stargazers and frequent modifications [1] [7]. Users are warned to be cautious of public repositories [1], especially from new accounts or with newly created stargazers [1] [7].


The distribution of malware on GitHub poses a significant threat to the open-source ecosystem. Developers must exercise caution when downloading from repositories and not rely solely on reputation for trustworthiness [3]. Continuous vigilance and the use of specialized tools are essential to combat these evolving cybersecurity threats.


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