A recent research report by Abnormal Security highlights the growing threat of account takeover attacks in cloud applications [4], based on a survey of over 300 security professionals [1] [2].


Security leaders rank account takeovers as a top concern [3], with 77% citing it as a major cyber-threat, surpassing ransomware and spear phishing [1] [3]. The report reveals that 83% of organizations have experienced at least one account takeover in the past year, with nearly half facing multiple attacks [1] [4]. Cloud applications like file storage services [2] [4], business email accounts [2] [3] [4], and document management software are vulnerable to compromise [4], providing attackers with additional entry points. Despite efforts such as multi-factor authentication and strong password policies, security professionals feel ill-equipped to effectively combat account takeovers. There is a strong demand for solutions that can detect and automatically remediate compromised accounts in cloud services [3], with 99% of respondents believing this would significantly enhance their security posture [3].


The prevalence of account takeover attacks in cloud applications poses a significant threat to organizations, highlighting the need for improved security measures. Security professionals must prioritize the detection and remediation of compromised accounts to enhance their security posture and protect sensitive data. Moving forward, investing in advanced security solutions and staying vigilant against evolving cyber threats will be crucial in safeguarding cloud applications from account takeovers.


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