According to a report by Mandiant [1], a subsidiary of Google [2], there is a growing interest among threat actors in using AI for malicious activities [2]. This includes hackers and cybercrime groups who are exploiting people’s difficulty in distinguishing between real and fake content by utilizing AI to create deceptive images and videos. State-aligned hacking campaigns and online influence operators are also experimenting with publicly available AI tools to generate convincing images and higher-quality content [3]. The potential impact of AI on cyber threats and the need for advanced cybersecurity measures are emphasized in the report [2].


AI tools have the potential to significantly enhance malicious operations [3], enabling threat actors with limited resources to produce realistic fabricated content [3]. Moreover, AI is improving social engineering techniques and can be used to create more convincing phishing material [3]. The report highlights the increased risk of cyber fraud associated with AI use [2], leading to larger and more sophisticated cyber-attacks and identity fraud [2]. It calls for regulators and government organizations to continue implementing strategies for using AI for positive purposes [2]. As AI tools continue to evolve [3], threat actors of diverse origins and motivations will increasingly leverage generative AI [3]. However, it is important to note that there have been no security incidents where AI has played a role [1].


The use of AI for malicious activities poses significant challenges in cybersecurity. Hackers and cybercrime groups are leveraging AI to create deceptive content, making it harder for individuals to distinguish between real and fake information. This calls for the implementation of more advanced cybersecurity measures to combat these threats. Additionally, the increased risk of cyber fraud associated with AI use highlights the need for stronger identity protection and fraud prevention measures. Regulators and government organizations should continue to develop strategies for utilizing AI for positive purposes while mitigating the potential risks. As AI tools continue to advance, it is crucial to stay vigilant and proactive in addressing the evolving cyber threats posed by AI.