Google plans to introduce a proactive alert system called “Safety check” in version 117 of its Chrome web browser. This feature aims to enhance user security by notifying them when an installed extension has been removed from the Chrome Web Store.


The “Safety check” feature will be released alongside Chrome 117. It will notify users if an extension they have installed has been unpublished by a developer, taken down for violating store policies [6], or marked as malware [1] [2] [3] [5] [6]. Users will have a dedicated “Safety check” segment within the browser’s privacy and security settings [4]. Here, they can review and make informed decisions about their extensions [4]. They will have the option to uninstall the extension or dismiss the warning [1] [3] [4]. Additionally, Chrome will automatically deactivate extensions labeled as malware [2]. The update is expected to be released in early September and aligns with Google’s goals of enhancing user awareness and securing online interactions without impacting genuine extensions.


The introduction of the “Safety check” feature in Chrome 117 will have significant impacts on user security. By proactively alerting users about removed or potentially harmful extensions, Google aims to enhance user awareness and protect them from potential threats. This feature provides users with the ability to review and make informed decisions about their extensions, ensuring a safer browsing experience. Furthermore, the automatic deactivation of malware-labeled extensions adds an extra layer of protection. Overall, this update demonstrates Google’s commitment to enhancing user security and highlights the importance of securing online interactions.